Local  Fine  Artists  &
Fine  Crafts  Artisans

320  Main  Street,  La Crosse,  WI

Normal OPEN Hours:

Wednesday thru Saturday   11 AM to 6 PM , 

Sunday   10 AM to 3 PM

additionally Open extra Hours & Days by Serendipity*

* "Serendipity" means: by happy happenstance, something nice and unexpected, an unplanned pleasantry, or meeting by chance.

Every month we hold a "First Fridays" casual

& FREE public  Artists Reception, 6 to 8 PM.

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Find Heirloom-quality Fine Art here, along with everyday "just for fun" items, and very nice affordable Gifts.

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Our street level Main Gallery is barrier-free, & our Public Restroom is handicap accessible with grab-bars for easier access.

A great place to rendezvous with friends downtown, & you are always welcome to enjoy our comfy sofas and rocking chairs.

Phone: 608 - 782 - 4 ART  (782-4278)

email: GalleryLaCrosse@charter.net

Thank you for visiting with us today.

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The Secret of what makes us so very Special

Gallery La Crosse features Local & Regional Artists & Fine Craft Artisans, all showing their own works in their own way, blended with Antiques & Fine Vintage wares.

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View our "Gallery Slideshow" page for a peek inside.

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Arts & Crafts Classes are held year-round, visit our "Classes" Page.

Visit our Gallery in the heart of Historic Downtown Main Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to find a unique blend of:

~ Fine Arts ~~ Fine Crafts ~~ Folk Arts ~~ Jewelry ~

~ Antiques & Fine Vintage Wares ~

Greeting Cards,  Stained Glass,  Photography,  Shabby Chic,  La Crosse & Oktoberfest Souvenirs,  Celtic & Viking Style Jewelry,  Wine Lovers' Gizmos & Accessories,  Candles,  Habitat Art For Wildlife,  Birdhouses & Feeders,  Garden Art,  Rustic Originals & Accessories,  Cabin Décor, Primitives,  Pottery,  Log Home Furnishings,  Small Furniture,  Cowboy & Cowgirl & Western Décor,  & so very much more.

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Our Holidays Celebrations Corner features a great selection of items for your Winter Holiday Celebrations, for all Faiths.

Our exhibitors have provided a delightful assortment of Cards, Ornaments, and other decorative items for Holidays of all Faiths which are observed when Wisconsin has snow on the ground.

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Gift  Services  include: Bridal & All-Occasions Gift Registry, Gift Certificates, Sold/Hold Option, and always FREE Gift Wrapping !!
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Local scenery is captured in a variety of media and styles by our Local Artists, providing you with the perfect way to remember your visit to the Coulee Region, in ALL Price Ranges.

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Step down into our sassy fun "Rustic Cellar" at Gallery La Crosse, for Rustic Home & Garden funishings, Primitives, Antiques & Vintage wares; everything from Granny's Kitchen to the Man Cave. 

Handcrafted artful & unique Bird Habitat enhancements are available year-round.

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Stroll around Historic Downtown La Crosse to find a wide range of Specialty Shops and Arts venues, especially on the 200 - 500 blocks of Main Street & 200 - 300 blocks of Pearl Street, and on other nearby & connecting streets.

You'll find website links for some of them on our Favorite Links webpage.

Exhibit inquiries from interested Artists & fine Crafts Artisans are welcome. 

Short-term "Guest Artist" exhibition opportunities are also available.

Who is currently exhibiting in our Gallery, and what they have to offer. Look here for contact information.
Mission Statement for Gallery La Crosse
Mission Statement for Gallery La Crosse
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Norwegian Heritage: Sweaters, Jewelry, Home Decor', & more
Rustic Cellar
Step Down into a relaxed blend of Rustic & Garden wares, Shabby Chic, Antiques, Vintage, Primitives, & wonderful things for the Birds
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