Gallery  La Crosse  Artists  Cooperative

Mission  Statement 
for  the
Gallery  La Crosse Artists Cooperative

Combining Six Key Elements into One Entity:

1.   Promote connections between Local Residents and Local Artists & Fine Craft Artisans, in a unique family-friendly retail setting.

2.   Provide multiple Promotional and Marketing tools which our Exhibitors may freely utilize to enhance their own sales; in Gallery La Crosse, via various off-premises venues, and on-line.

3.   Provide cooperative, autonomous, and affordable Retail sales and Exhibit Spaces for Local Artists, Artisans, and fine Crafters.

4.   Present for the Local Community a variety of fun and affordable Arts & Crafts classes, taught by our Exhibitors.

5.   Promote networking opportunities for our Exhibitors through a combination of Public Receptions and invitational gatherings.

6.    Give back to the Local Community through Benefit shows, Sharing our space for various community groups' meetings, and enthusiastic Participation in Community Events.

Thank you, for helping us in our Mission of supporting Local Artists & Artisans.
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Would you like to financially support
the Mission of our 
Gallery  La Crosse  Artists Cooperative ?

Five great options are available...

1.  Buy our Gift Certificates.

2.  Treat yourself to a Patron Discount Card, & maybe even purchase another one as a Gift for someone.

3.  Come in to the Gallery & Buy someone's artwork.

4.  Purchase one of our Pashmina or Belly Dance Scarves, or Reading & Sun Glasses.

5.  Make a Donation to our GoFundMe appeal.

Our GoFundMe Appeal For Help

A few examples of our lovely assortment of Scarves: Pashmina & Belly Dance/Zumba; we are selling as a Gallery La Crosse fundraising project.

Here Is The Best Option Of All To Support Our Mission...

Come in to the Gallery,

Visit with us, & Buy something

created by one of our Exhibitors.

It is not the occasional sales of individual high-end artworks which sustains our

Gallery La Crosse Artists Cooperative...

rather, it is the daily small purchases which add up to keep our Mission going from month to month.