Step down Into Our...

Rustic Cellar

For Antiques & Vintage Wares, Handcrafts, Primitives, & More

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The Rustic Cellar now includes an expanded selection of Garden

Goods & Birdfeeders, more Candles & Primitives, & our

Wine Lover's Gizmo's & Grannies Kitchen sections are growing...

*~*~* AND *~*~*

a very nice assortment of Estate items !!

We now offer gently used music CD's & movie DVD's.

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Whether your decorating tastes reflect a love of Cabin or Lodge-style Rustics, a desire for Art Deco, Shabby Chic, the Primitive look of an old farm home, or fine Antiques, Gallery La Crosse's main level Gallery & Rustic Cellar are two places to include in your quest for that perfect "find".

For those who love the outdoors; Bird Feeders of all sorts, including Artist-created Hummingbird Feeders, are here in abundance along with a fun assortment of Garden related goods.

Secondary Market wildlife prints by very well-known artists are here.

A quick little peek into our Rustic Cellar...

New Photos will be here soon

The photos on this page show a recent view of what is available...

Fell free to call ahead of your visit to inquire about specific items.

Parts of our selection change almost daily.

August of 2014, we are working on fun new things in the Rustic Cellar...

the Fairy Gardens are coming; some ready for you to pop your favorite plants into, & delightful little treasures perfectly in scale for the fairies...

larger mid-century modern section, with lots of goodies from the 1940's thru 1970's...

Photos will be up as soon as we finish setting it up.

Why a Rustic Cellar ?

By definition, most Rustics & Primitives are not really Fine Art.

So, while the more elegant Rustics & Primitives blend beautifully

with Fine Arts & Fine Crafts in our main level Gallery, we needed

a separate & special place to offer the Rustic Primitives to our customers.

Along with fun & functional Rustics, Primitives, & Habitat Art; the Rustic Cellar features Antiques & Vintage wares, Estate items, and an assortment of things that are just plain handy to have around.

What you may find in our Rustic Cellar...

*~*~* ANTIQUES *~*~* BIRD FEEDERS *~*~*


*~*~* CANDLES *~*~* CRAFT SUPPLIES *~*~*






*~*~* PEG RACKS *~*~* PRIMITIVES *~*~*





*~*~* VINTAGE WARES *~*~* WINE RACKS *~*~*


* Please, note that the assortment changes almost daily, more

frequently than our website updates, so visiting in person

is the best way to find out what is currently available.

Find Antiques & Vintage Wares & Garden Art

& Hummingbird Feeders In Our Rustic Cellar

How to find your way into our Rustic Cellar...

Follow the Green footprints from the street level main Gallery area, stroll down the stairway into the Rustic Cellar.

If the stairway is a barrier for you, our gallery staff will be happy to bring some things up from the cellar to assist you in your shopping and viewing experience.

Our apologies for this part of our gallery not being as accessible as the rest, but we don't own the building and installing an elevator or lift is an extremely expensive undertaking.

Handmade Crafts & Welcome to Crafters

& Sellers of Antiques & Vintage Wares

One of the features of our Rustic Cellar is

Handmade Crafts by good Local Hand-Crafters.

If you are a good local Crafter interested in exhibiting your wonderfully well-made wares, or a seller of Antiques & Vintage wares, contact us.

Even though the Rustic Cellar is a very casual venue, certain standards are held, to assure our customers of a pleasant shopping experience. Crafters' items will need to be their own original handwork. Everything must be clean and in good condition; presented in a professional manner, clean and tidy.

Fine Crafts are exhibited as a part of the mix in the Juried main level Gallery. We expect most of our Fine Crafters will have items on both levels, as many of us do work in more than one style.

Our Rustic Cellar has been arranged into cooperatively shared themed exhibit sections. Secondary Market wall art blends with the various themed areas which range from Granny's Kitchen to the Man Cave.

If you are a Hand Crafter, or know of a good one who might be interested, feel free to contact us or visit for more information. Also, our "Exhibit" webpage has more information about becoming an Exhibitor here.

Enjoy The Difference...

EASIER than taking your wares on the road to the local

Art or Craft Fair, or Flea Market...

Though most of us also do those portable shows anyway...

Instead of hiding away in the closet, your wares are here

on display every day between shows, and the staff of

Gallery La Crosse handles the sales (& Sales Tax) for you.

CUSTOMERS will find you between shows, they'll easily link to your

personal websites from our Gallery La Crosse website.

Your website links from ours is just one of the many ways that you

are assisted in marketing yourself to the public (24/7) by being an

exhibitor here. We also encourage you to place signage in your

space to direct customers to the various portable shows you are

participating in; to help support those events, and to help your

customers find you when you are somewhere "in-person" with your wares.