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Rustic  Cellar

Step Down Into Our Sassy & Fun Lower Level

For Antiques & Vintage Wares, Handcrafts, Primitives, & More

The Rustic Cellar now includes an expanded selection of Garden Goods & Birdfeeders, more Candles & Primitives, & our Wine Lover's Gizmo's & Grannies Kitchen sections are growing...

We now offer gently used movie DVD's, music Vinyl & CD's.

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Whether your decorating tastes reflect a love of Cabin or Lodge-style Rustics, a desire for Art Deco, Shabby Chic, the Primitive look of an old farm home, or fine Antiques, Gallery La Crosse's main level Gallery & Rustic Cellar are two places to include in your quest for that perfect "find".

For those who love the outdoors; Bird Feeders of all sorts, including Artist-created Hummingbird Feeders, are here in abundance along with a fun assortment of Garden related goods.

Secondary market wildlife prints by well-known artists are available.

A quick little peek into our Rustic Cellar...New Photos will be here soon

Why a Rustic Cellar ?

By definition, most Rustics & Primitives are not really Fine Art.

So, while the more elegant Rustics & Primitives blend beautifully with Fine Arts & Fine Crafts in our main level Gallery, we needed a separate & special place to offer the Rustic Primitives to our customers.

What you may find in our  Rustic Cellar

Antiques,  Bird Feeders,  Bird Houses,  Birdbath Accessories,  Cabin Decor',  Candles,  Craft & Art Supplies,  Early Lighting,  Fairy Garden Items,  Fly Fishing Decor',  Fly Tying Materials,  Garden Art,  Granny's Kitchen,  Habitat Art,  Handmade Crafts,  Hearth Kindling Baskets,  Hummingbird Feeders,  Mid-Century Modern Furnishings,  Peg Racks,  Porch decor',  Primitives,  Rustic Originals & Accessories,  Rustic Shelves & Wall Hooks,  Secondary Market Artworks,  Shabby Chic,  Small Furniture,  Stencil Signs,  Vintage Wares,  Wine Racks,  & lots of gizmos for Wine Lovers

(and an assortment of things that are just plain handy to have around)

* Please, note that the assortment changes almost daily, so visiting in personis the best way to find out what is currently available.

All of our exhibitors have been invited to bring in those items which are far too nice to put into a rummage sale, yet are no longer relevant in their lives.

We are seeing rapid turnover in the items available as our customers find wonderful deals on a very nice selection of quality Antiques & Vintage & contemporary wares.

How to find your way into our Rustic Cellar

Follow the footprints from the street level main Gallery area, and stroll down the stairway into the Rustic Cellar.

Our apologies for this part of our gallery not being as accessible as the rest, but we don't own the building and installing an elevator or lift is an extremely expensive undertaking.

Themed Sections  In Our  Rustic Cellar


Birding wares include:  Artisan-crafted Birdhomes,  Feeders,  Birdbath Enhancements, and Hummingbird Feeders.

Small, but handy & nice, assortment of commercially-made Bird Feeders.


A very diverse selection of Candles, Votives, Candle Holders, & Luminaries, is always available in our Rustic Cellar. 

In addition to our "official" candles section, you'll find fun Candles in several of our other themed areas.

CD's & DVD's & Vinyl LP's

Whether you're looking for old vinyl for music or to use as wall art, or seeking a favorite group's CD, or want to own a DVD of your favorite film for less than the cost of a rental...

Check out our ever-changing selection.

All of our Exhibitors are welcome to bring in what they wish to sell of these, and each prices them as they please.

Prices range from 50 cents to $7 each, with most at $2.50/2for$4.

Fairy & Zen Garden

Lots of sweet goods to celebrate & enhance your personal enjoyment of the Fae Folk, or for your meditation Garden.

This section has become a favorite of little girls & the people who love finding special things for them.

Garden Goodies

Trellises,  Garden Tools,  Wind Chimes,  Planters,  Toad Abodes, Journals: Garden Art in many forms, very affordable ways to add some unique character items to your personal piece of the environment.

Granny's Kitchen

We have been growing a really fun assortment of kitchen wares which would have been found in your family's kitchen from the about 1890 to the early 1970's.   A variety of gadgets & Cookbooks are the main features of this gathering.

Lodge & Cabin

Nestled between our Western Cowgirl Corner & the Primitives section, we present a group of items perfect for your Cabin, Cottage, or Lodge-style Home.

Mid-Century Modern & Barware

Our sassy section...  Lit by Vintage lamps 

Find wall art from the 1940's to 1970's, household goodies familiar to Baby Boomers...

along with Barware, beer signs, OktoberFest goblets, cigar boxes, & all sorts of cool Vintage stuff.

Packer End Zone

Hard to keep this area filled, as Green Bay Packers things sell out just about as fast as we get them in, so check back often.


If Homespun & Olde-Thyme Needfuls are part of your decorating style, our Primitives section in the Rustic Cellar will be your delight.

Check out fun things for your porch or country home, many Barnwood pieces & handcrafted Signs are now available; & an assortment of Make-Do racks crafted of rough-sawn wood from our favorite Amish sawmill over by Cashton, with whittle pegs &/or wonderfully rusty square cut nails. 

Soon to come will be Grubby Grungy dipped & spice-rolled Candles


La Crosse has a lengthy history of Railroads.

Our little Railroad section sees a very fast turn-over of items, as this region has a lot of Railroad collectors.   Some of the recent goods in this section have included: huge map of railroad routes, train lamps, antique & vintage model railroad accessories, coat rack made of railroad spikes in heavy oak, a two-man tool for carrying rails, etc.

Secondary Market Wall Art

For a great assortment of Original Wall Art presented by Local Artists, you'll want to visit our main level Gallery.

If you're looking for Vintage, Antique, & Secondary Market Contemporary Wall Art, then our Rustic Cellar is the place to visit.

Selections vary considerably, including Wildlife Prints, Vintage Abstracts, Antique Framed classics, some Original Paintings, and very affordable mass-produced pieces from the 1970's thru 1990's.

We currently have a very nice & diverse selection of very high-quality framed Wildlife Prints: waterfowl, turkey, deer, and fish.

Shabby Chic'

Such a fun bunch of lovely things!

Satisfy your need for casually elegant fine things.

Painted furniture, lamps, scroll-work wall shelves, gilded picture frames, things pink with fairies, pillows made with vintage embroidered linens, Wedding decorations, painted canning jars, & so very much more.

Check out our new "Kitty Corner" in the shabby chic section.

This popular area sees a very rapid turn-over of goods !

Western & Cowgirl Corner

Mosey on down, pardna'...

In this little corner of our Rustic Cellar you'll find all sorts of Western & Horse themed goods for your Home & Barn decor'.

Wine Lovers' Gizmos

In our Rustic Cellar, you'll find what may be La Crosse's most fun section of assorted wares related to enjoying your Wine:  Wine Racks,  Vintage Wine Glasses Sets,   Wine-themed Linens,  Photos,  Bottle Lights,  Signs both elegant & Rustic,  Wine Glass Charms,  Wine Books,  Wine Cabinets, & more.

The selection varies widely from week to week, as many of our local Wine Lovers have already found our little treasure trove.

We also have fliers in this section for local Wineries, and the regional map of Wineries open for tours & tasting.

(While you're Downtown, be sure to visit "the Wine GuyZ", across King St. from the Pump House Regional Arts Center.   Please, tell them we sent you - they support our Local Artists by often holding single-exhibitor showings.)

Handmade Crafts & Welcome to Crafters

Fine Crafts are exhibited as a part of the mix in the Juried main level Gallery.   We expect most of our Fine Craft Artisans will have items on both levels, as many of us do work in more than one style.

Gallery La Crosse is a very well-established Makers Market, founded in 2008.

One of the features of our Rustic Cellar is Handmade Crafts by good Local Makers.  If you are a good local Crafter interested in exhibiting your wonderfully well-made wares contact us.

Even though the Rustic Cellar is a very casual venue, certain standards are held, to assure our customers of a pleasant shopping experience.   Crafters' items will need to be their own original handwork.   Everything must be clean and in good condition; presented in a professional manner, clean and tidy.

Our Rustic Cellar has been arranged into cooperatively shared themed exhibit sections.  Secondary Market wall art blends with the various themed areas which range from Granny's Kitchen to the Man Cave.

Exhibit with us & enjoy the Difference...

EASIER than taking your wares on the road to the local Art or Craft Fair.

Instead of hiding away in the closet, your wares are here on display every day between shows, and the staff of Gallery La Crosse handles the sales (& Sales Tax) for you.

CUSTOMERS will find you between shows, they'll easily link to your personal websites from our Gallery La Crosse website.

These links from our website is just one of the many ways that you are assisted in marketing yourself to the public (24/7) by being an exhibitor here.     We also encourage you to place signage in your space to direct customers to the various Arts & Crafts shows you are participating in; to help support those events, and to help your customers find you when you are somewhere "in-person" with your wares.

Shop Downtown La Crosse For
Antiques & Vintage

Gallery La Crosse is located less than a block from the La Crosse Antique Center, with their 3 floors of goods in an Antique Building.

We are only one block from the fabulous Painted Porch, which specializes in re-purposed antiques & vintage wares & shabby chic'.

You will find several more very nice Antique & Vintage shops in La Crosse.

This region is packed with Antiques shops, and prices are a fraction of what you'll pay in Madison, Chicago, or the up in Twin Cities.

Consider staying a few days in the area (lots of new Hotels are in our beautiful & very "walk-able" Downtown); maybe even treat yourself to one of the local B & B's in beautiful Victorian Homes, furnished with fabulous Antiques.

Furniture  Delivery

Furniture Delivery is available on a limited basis.

Please, speak with Ann about having your Furniture delivered within the region.  

Her husband has all the right equipment & can do deliveries.  

The cost will vary with size & type of furniture, and distance from Gallery La Crosse.

We do frequently have furniture pieces available including:

tables, rocking chairs, side chairs, Rustic & Primitive pieces built by our exhibitors, bookshelves, side &/or accent tables, benches, dressers, linen presses, antique beds, etc.