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Special Exhibits

By Our Exhibiting Artists

This page is dedicated to our Exhibitors' Special Exhibits.

One of the opportunities we offer for our current exhibitors is a

special Gallery La Crosse Art Exhibit, two weeks long.

In addition to their own regular space for display & sale or works,

they may elect to create a special short-term Art Exhibit

built upon a theme within their range of abilities.

Generally, our exhibitors who do a Special Gallery La Crosse

Art Exhibit also elect to hold a Reception.

to be available to meet & greet the public.

& By Visiting Artists

Opportunities are available for visiting Artists to exhibit here.

Please, speak with Ann about doing so.


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Check back soon for the next exhibit...

Several of our Artists have Special Exhibits pending.


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Upcoming Special Exhibits

Ides Of March Show 2017

Theme Pending Selection

Open Fine Arts & Crafts Show & Sale

March 15 thru April 15, 2017

Reception on the Ides, Wed., March 15, 2017

Works inspired by, or the Artists' interpretation of,

>> Theme Pending Selection <<

~~ links below ~~

More Details in the Call for Artists & Entry Form

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Call for Artists & Entry Form will be posted SOON...

other than the dates & theme, information from the 2015 & 2016 Ides of March shows will be essentially the same for the 2017 show.

Ides Of March Call For Artists

Ides Of March Entry Form

Coming up in the next couple of months...

Please check this page often, as planned new exhibits are

posted as they are set, and sometimes with very short notice.

Please, also visit our "Events" webpage.

Several of our current exhibitors have recently inquired about

doing special exhibits, though their dates have not yet been set.

Benefit Art Show & Sale Events

Several times every year we hold Benefit Shows for various charities... Please, visit our "Benefit Shows" webpage for the latest show(s)