Gallery  La Crosse  Artists  Cooperative

Benefit  Art  Shows

One of our core values at the

Gallery La Crosse Artists Cooperative,

is to give back to our community

in celebration of life and living artfully.

It is our intention to hold at least two Benefit Art shows each year, to support local non-profit organizations, and other concerns within the great human family.

Our Benefit Art and Craft shows allow for regional Artists & Crafters to show their work in our established Gallery, getting exposure of their works to the public, while helping support important local charities.

Upcoming Benefit Arts & Crafts Show Dates

6th Annual Remedy Show For A.R.C.W.
Benefit Arts & Crafts Show & Sale
April  21 ~ May  13, 2018

Check back here soon for the 2018 Call For Artists & Entry Form.

Theme for 2018 is "Kindness"

The Aids Resource Centers of Wisconsin provide support for Local & Regional HIV/AIDS patients & their families.

Increasingly, HIV/AIDS has become an infection which is affecting heterosexual families.

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Via the "Remedy Event's" Facebook Page, you'll be able to view the Entries on-line, arrange to Purchase entered Artworks On-Line, & Vote on-line for the "Peoples' Choice" Award

($1 per vote, & this Election can be bought)

All dollars voted are donated to the A.R.C.W.

The 2018 Call For Artists will be available in the Fall of 2017.

Call for Artists

Please, see the Call for Artists

(find links below & on our Facebook Page),

or contact Ann at Gallery La Crosse for full details.

You are encouraged to VOTE EARLY and OFTEN

for the "Peoples' Choice" Award.

The individual dollars balloted for this part of our Benefit Shows has the potential to be the largest single source of funds for the Charity from each show.

2 Ways 4 Artists 2 Support the Remedy Event...

1... Enter the Benefit show.

2... In addition to the 3 weeks long Gallery Exhibit,

Artists may also elect to simply Donate a work, to be exhibited & sold via the Silent or Live Auctions, or Raffles (at the choice of the A.R.C.W. Staff) at the gala evening Remedy Event on February 28, 2018.

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For more information, find "The Remedy Event" on Facebook

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Works entered into the 3 weeks long Benefit Art Show & Sale at Gallery La Crosse will be eligible for Awards, & (new this year) will be available for on-line purchasing during the weeks the Show is hanging.

For Our Open Opportunities to Schedule a Benefit
Call or Visit, & talk with Ann about your Benefit

How We Do Benefit Shows

For each show, we provide several ways to generate funds, allowing for benefactors large and small to participate and contribute as able.

We have made a few small changes in how the Benefit Art Shows are structured.

To encourage a wider range of prices on entered works, and to create greater opportunity for our Customers to purchase entered work in support of the Charity; we have reduced the Entry Fee, from a flat $10 per item, to 10% of the marked selling price.

The percentage split on the selling price has also been adjusted; to provide more to the Charity, while still keeping the total cost to the Artists down around 40% (on the lower end of the customary range of commissions charges).

* * * * *

Within this new structure:

Artists' Charity Donation to the show is 75 % of their Entry Fees.

Show Awards will still be paid from 25 % of the total amount of Entry Fees received.

Artists receive 65% of the selling price for works sold from the show.

Gallery La Crosse donates 35 % of the selling price on all show entries actually sold, and use of the Gallery for the Exhibition and for the Artists' Reception.

In addition to these, Gallery La Crosse will donate 10 %

of the value of all Gift Certificates sold during the show.

* * * * * * * *

Donations by the Public from the show are 100 % of the "Peoples' Choice" Award votes cast at $1.00 each, and all funds received into the charity's Donations Jar.

* * * * * * * *

You are encouraged to VOTE EARLY and OFTEN

for the "Peoples' Choice" Award.

Gallery La Crossse and the various Local charities sincerely

Thank You for your support of our Benefit Art Shows.

The 7th Annual EcoPark Benefit

Due to the Closure of the EcoPark, this Benefit was cancelled.

We're hoping to hold a Benefit Show for the new Zoo.

Gallery  La Crosse  Artists  Cooperative
does not take any funds from
these Benefit Shows.
We do these to benefit & enhance the quality of life in our community.