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Our Gallery La Crosse Gift Certificates are good for anything & everything we sell in both our main level fine arts Gallery & in our sassy fun Rustic Cellar.

Gift Certificates may be purchased in any $$$ amount you desire,

will be mailed out to you or to your Gift Recipient

(Gift Wrapping & mailing of these are FREE) as you please,

and are valid for an entire year from date of issue.

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Also, please, let us know if you prefer it to be Gift Wrapped.

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Thank you for supporting our

Local Artists & Fine Craft Artisans 

by giving the Gift of Art.

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Enjoy our Patron-Only Specials, which are listed below, & also, enjoy 10% off all Regular-priced items in our main level Gallery & in our Rustic Cellar, every time you shop with us.

Specials vary widely among our Arts & Crafts & Vintage & Antiques & more.

As a Gallery La Crosse Art Patron; you simply present your Discount Card & photo ID to enjoy VERY special deals on a wide variety of Arts & Fine Crafts, and on our Antique & Vintage Wares.

Your Discount Card is Valid for One Full Year from Date of Purchase.

You cannot share your Patron card with other users, though you are welcome to purchase one as a Gift for someone else.

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You may also purchase our Patron Discount Cards via this page,

either for yourself, or, for your favorite Art lover.

For only $25 per year, the Card Owner will enjoy 10% off every purchase, on every visit, and also our great Patron-Only Specials, for an entire year.

(Gift Wrapping & mailing of these Patron Discount Cards are FREE)

Current Patron-Only Specials

50 % OFF All Crystals, , from Vendor # 000

25 % OFF All Hummingbird Feeders by Vendor #100

20% Off All Earrings from Vendor #100

$ 1 off ALL Reading Glasses & Sunglasses

50 % Off all Amethyst Nuggets, from Vendor #100

(tumbled & drilled, ready to string)

20 % Off All Scarves, from Vendor # 000

( Silk, Zumba, Pashmina, Belly Dance, etc. )

25 % Off All Rustic Signs from Deciduous Designs Studio

Use this Paypal system Button to purchase a Patron Discount Card.

(Be sure to enter the name of the person who will actually be using the Card, as these cannot be shared and photo ID is needed for use.)

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Thank you for supporting our

Local Artists & Fine Craft Artisans 

by becoming a Patron of the

Gallery  La Crosse  Artists  Cooperative.

& Enjoy  Our  FREE  Loyalty Rewards Card

Enjoy using your FREE

Gallery La Crosse Artists Cooperative

Loyalty Reward Card...

Simply ask for your Loyalty Reward Card when making a purchase of $25 (or more).    

Every time you visit us and spend at least $25,

present your card, and we will stamp one of the five boxes.

When your card is fully stamped, you will be able to use it as $10 toward your next purchase.    It is OK to start your next card with that discounted purchase.    You may share this card with friends or family members, however, only one person may use it per visit & only one person may redeem it.

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Why offer Patron & Loyalty Card programs ???

We've been looking for ways to provide Special Deals

for those folks who are very supportive of our

Gallery La Crosse Artists Cooperative.

Our program of Patron-Only Specials mirrors the very popular patronage programs offered by several other local businesses.

Patrons pay only $25 per year to have our Patron Discount Card.


The Loyalty Reward Card provides a Special Deal for our frequent customers who prefer a FREE program which gives Rewards based upon their patronage.

This Loyalty Reward Card program rewards you for making those frequent smaller purchases which sustain our many exhibiting Local Artists & Artisans.

Purchase  Arts  &  Crafts  &  More

Please, check out our various exhibitors' website links on our "Exhibitors" Page to buy directly from many of our exhibitors...

                                         Thank you.

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Our eBay presence is now established, and is our first on-line means we will have for selling to you on-line.

Donate,  via the Paypal Button,
below,  to help support our 
Gallery  La Crosse  Artists  Cooperative.

Finally, though we do NOT have "IRS non-profit" status, we are happy to accept your Donations in support of our Gallery La Crosse project.

After many years of planning & dreaming of bringing the experience of an Artist's Co-op back to the La Crosse region, we opened in 2008, just three weeks before the economy took a sudden drop.   

Now we find ourselves still surviving the depressed economy, providing a place for Local Artists & Crafters to present their works to the public, and in many ways thriving.

However, we are essentially functioning as a "non-profit", and we can't afford to be too proud to accept help to support our operating costs.

Thus, we are offering this opportunity for you to make donations.

If you wish to be listed on our website as a Supporter, or, if you wish to donate anonymously, we will be delighted to respect your wishes.

Use this Paypal system Button to make a Donation in support of the Mission of our Gallery La Crosse project.

Thank  you  for  your  Support !

Though VERY much appreciated by

the Artists & Fine Crafts Artisans who exhibit in

Gallery La Crosse Artists Cooperative,

your Donations are NOT IRS tax-deductible.

Your donations will help to support daily operating costs for

our Cooperative, such as rent, utilities, and supplies.