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Favorite Local Links

Please, be patient with us if a Link doesn't function.

We try to keep up with changes in website URL's as they happen.

Sometimes we're the last to know, as most of these are entities we visit with in person, rather than via the Internet.

If a Link fails to function, please, try a Search; & we appreciate being told about failed Links, so that we may make repairs & updates.

In the Arts

Some of our favorite Regional Arts venues:

Beach Corner Art Gallery

Bluff Country Artists Gallery


La Crosse Society of Arts & Crafts

Minnesota Marine Art Museum

Pump House Regional Arts Center - La Crosse

Shake Rag Alley - Mineral Point, Wisconsin

State Street Gallery - La Crosse, WI

Tangled Up In Hue, Artists' Collective - EauClaire, WI

VIVA Artist Cooperative - Viroqua, WI

Community Connections

Living in connection with others to nurture a better and kinder world:

Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition

Riverside International Friendship Gardens - on the River, Downtown

Habitat for Humanity's Habitat ReStore

The Natural World

Fostering solid science-based environmental education for better stewardship of this beautiful world we live in:

Wisconsin Conservation Corps. La Crosse

Washburn Neighboorhood Goes Green

Favorite Local Businesses

Please, visit & support local family-owned businesses:

Best Dam Fishing Float  

TJ & Michelle's ~ Ice Cream, Gallery, & Cheddarheads

Down a Country Road - Amish Connections  

Dregne's Scandinavian Gifts

Generous Earth Pottery

Joyce Diveley Pottery

Stamp N Hand ~ Scrapbooking, Crafts & More

Vernon Vineyards Winery

Viroqua Public Market - Music, Ice Cream, & Market Bazaar

Vision of Light

 Favorite Activities 

Organizations & activities Ann adores:

Sons of Norway - a heritage organization

Norskedalen - an outdoor folk museum & much more.

Mount La Crosse Ski Area

Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy - La Crosse, WI

Becoming an Outdoors Woman - fun outdoor learning events