Vendors' Personal Website Links Information

Websites to which you'll link from this page are our Exhibitor's websites. Exhibitors are entirely responsible for the content of these personal websites. Gallery La Crosse has no ability to affect the content of these personal websites provided by our Artists, Crafters, & other Exhibitors.

Links to these Artists websites & other Exhibitor's websites from the Gallery La Crosse website are provided as a courtesy for our Current Exhibitors. As Artists websites & other Exhibitor's websites are provided to us, the links are added in alphabetical order.

Exhibitor Website Links

Please, be patient with us if a Link doesn't function.

We try to keep up with changes in website URL's as they happen.

Sometimes we're the last to know, as most of these are entities

we visit with in person, rather than via the Internet.

If a Link fails to function, please, try a Search; & we appreciate

being told about failed Links, so that we may make repairs & updates.

Tristan Armstrong

Tristan Armstrong Etsy

Elise Boam

James Bohonek

Julie Bloomer

Julie Ferguson

Carol M. Frank Etsy

Carol M. Frank Blog

Joan Alexandra Gundersen

James Havlicek

Walter Humbel DeviantArt

Walter Humbel Zazzle

Karen King

Marcia Newquist

Katherine Willer-Richards

Collette Sakschek

Carol Witt-Smith