Exhibitor Rent Payments Page

You MUST include your Name & Address

When using your Credit or Debit Card via Paypal to make your Space Lease Rent Payment, be sure to include your name, & current home & email addresses.

This is important to be sure that your payment is promptly recognized as being from you.

Why the Button says "Donate"

Of the Button function & title options offered by Paypal, the "Donate" button is the only one which allows you to select the exact amount of payment to make, thus the button below says "Donate".

If ever the Paypal system provides a simple "Pay" or other more appropriate title for the button, we will switch to that.

Use Button Below to make payment, and remember that if your payment is being made after the first day of the month, you must add the $20 Late Fee.

Thank you.

We sincerely hope that this on-line option for making your Rent payment helps to make it easier & more convenient for you.

Paypal is a secure payment system, which allows you to either use a Credit or Debit Card, or your Paypal Account (&/or linked Bank Account) to make your payment on-line.

As always, you do still have the option of paying in person during regular Gallery hours, or by mail postmarked on or before the first of the month.

If you are uncertain of the amount due (e.g. for Multiple-month Discounts, or for payments with Late Fees due), just call the Gallery at 782-4278 and ask.