Artisan Wedding Services

To help make your Wedding Day as special as possible,

many of our exhibiting Artists & Fine Crafts Artisans

will put their skills to work for you.

Visit in our Gallery to view

the various styles and skills available.

On our website's "Current Exhibitors" page you'll find a

list of Exhibitors & their contact information,

along with brief information about their skills.

Our Wedding Services Include...


Coordinating &/or Matching pieces for your entire Bridal party.

Gifts for your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen.


Wedding portraits in

Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Colored Pencils, or Pastels

Done from live posing or from photos

Create a true Heirloom


Several of our exhibiting Artists are also

experienced Wedding Photographers.

Select from a variety of styles to

make your wedding photos truly special.

Paper Goods

Several of our Artists will create very special Shower

& Wedding Announcements, Thank You notes, & Invitations.

Bridal Registry

Register for Art, it is much easier than it sounds...

Select your favorite Artists & Artisans,

completed works, themes & colors...


Simply register for Gift Certificates,

to select wonderful things later at your leisure,

and decorate your new shared home together.

When you receive the Gift of locally made Fine Art,

you can be certain that what you own is an exclusive treasure

worthy of cherishing throughout your lifetime,

rather than one of 25 million cheap copies of

something trendy sold from the big-box stores.

Jewelry !!

Currently we have the most amazing & huge selection of

affordable luxury Jewelry perfect for your Wedding (or Prom)...

stunning crystal Artisan Designs...

One-of-a-kind, Custom-made...

AND, probably the most diverse assortment of Antique & Vintage & Estate Jewelry in the entire Coulee Region is right here on Main Street; at Gallery La Crosse & next door to us at the Vintage View & in Powell Place at the Painted Porch & close to the Cathedral at the Time Was Estate Sales.

Everything for the Perfect Wedding

Is Available In Downtown La Crosse

Within a short stroll of our Gallery, you will find

every Service & Supply that you could ever dream of

to make Your Wedding the very best possible experience.

Visit in our Gallery,

and we will be very happy to direct you to those many

locally-owned Downtown businesses which

take great pride in making your Wedding special.

* Special Gift for the Bridal Couple *

We have, remaining, only 3 more of this very special & handy item, to give away to the next couples who utilize our Bridal Registry...

Wedding Oragnizer & Planning Guide

with 30 easy & elegant Wedding Craft instructions

These books have 144 pages & several pocket pages to

help you to keep your wedding plans organized.

Included are calendars, checklists, timelines, budgets,

worksheets, cost-saving ideas, etiquette, traditions, and much more.

These retail for $ 19.95, yet, while they last,

they are FREE for you, the Engaged Couple

to thank you for using our Bridal Registry Services.


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